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Hot-Rolled Steel Angle

To date, there are almost no buildings and structures, for which the L-shaped hot-roller steel angle would not have been used. The use of metal angle as a binder and for strengthening, looping, decorative finishing and for creating the support structures is also appropriate. The grades of steel of standard quality such as st5ps, st0, st3sp, st3kp and 09G2S and of high strength are used for the manufacture of hot-rolled steel angle.

The hot-rolled steel angle produced from the steel made from ferrous metal of standard quality is especially popular. This type of rolled metal will be a great solution for repairs pf premises, low-rise and large building, for carrying out works in the farm economy. The metal angle dimensions are determined by the thickness and width of shelves. Due to the universality of forms there is a possibility of producing a large number of designs and products that differ in a number of criteria. The hot-rolled steel angle is usually manufactured in standard lengths: 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12 meters.