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It is hard to imagine the modern world without such a simple, and at the same time – a brilliant invention, like a pipe. It is made from different materials such as asbestos cement, reinforced concrete, polymeric materials, steady glass, but more often – from metals. The rolled tubular products from steel of various grades or of cast iron are most commonly used.

The field of application of the rolled tubular products is practically limitless: starting from the water-, gas pipelines and sewers familiar to everyone and ending with the pipes used in the construction and mining.

This design invention is so diverse, that it can be applied to different physical conditions: for example, for transportation of water, gas, oil and other substances, as it has been already mentioned. It is worth mentioning that some of designs allow the transportation of substances under pressure.

The rolled tubular products meant for using in harsh conditions can be resistant to temperature extremes, chemical aggressive media, to pressure. The additional coating materials, technology of manufacture as well as ways of binding allow making products so multifunctional. They are also diverse in the material, from which they are made.

We must not forget that pipes are used in the manufacture of household and industrial equipment – for refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, etc. The pipe role is also important in the machine engineering. A variety of equipment units and details is manufactured in the form of tubes of different configurations, made from different materials.

Most often, it is an elongated hollow metal product. It has a round, oval or polygonal cross-section, depending on the process needs.

Steel pipe is the most commonly used in construction, arrangement of buildings and constructions, laying of communication lines. A variety of performances according to the method of manufacture, diameter, wall thickness makes the pipe a universal metal product.