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Rolled metal

Welcome to the company «BPM-TRADE» SRL. We sell quality rolled metal products at competitive prices in Moldova. The main principle of our company is quality service to our customers, and if you decide to buy metal products in Moldova, our experts will help you make the order, will draw up the necessary documents for you, help with delivery. Give you the desired metal in an unlimited amount for our company is not a problem. The main objective of our company – to help our customers purchase the products of metal rolling with minimal financial and time costs. Our company offers customers the best value of rolled metal products, and we look forward to long term cooperation with you. We have a wide range of steel and its range is constantly updated. We are constantly cooperating with enterprises of metallurgy, «BPM-TRADE» SRL – the leading enterprise in the metal market. We provide both wholesale and retail sale of rolled metal products.

The use of rolled metal is boundless, it is used in virtually all areas of industry in our country. Technical equipment of our company allows you to stockpile large inventories of steel and carry out multi-ton loading and unloading of rolled metal products. This allows for an uninterrupted supply of metal products in large volume.