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Flat Products

The sheet steel is a material with a wide field of application. It is used in many areas: construction of various facilities, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, construction of railway vehicles and airplanes, household appliances, medicine, food industry and other industries. The steel sheet is produced strictly according to the GOST, as a rule, from the carbon steel of ordinary quality. The carbon, which is available in the alloy composition, increases the strength and durability of products. You can buy any amount of sheet steel at the BPM-PLUS Company at the most reasonable prices.

The galvanized sheet steel is widely used in the modern construction. It is a cheap and corrosion-resistant material. The technology of metal galvanization is the best solution to protect products from corrosion. Even after a long operating life the material retains original appearance and functionality. The galvanized thin-gage plate is most commonly used in the motor-vehicle construction, food industry, manufacture of household appliances and other branches of industry.