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Round Steel Bar

The stainless round bar has high strength, ductility, durability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It is easily processed and sealed in different ways. Hardening of the material is obtained by heat treatment: hot annealing, quenching, artificial or natural aging. The surface of stainless steel round bars can be brushed or mirror. The products of normal, extended and high precision are distinguished depending on the roundness of cross-section.

The stainless round bar is used for rolling seamless tubes, production of vehicle parts, welded structures and equipment. Sculptures, ends of pipes, handles of trash containers, railings and fences are made from the round bars in the outdoor architecture. The interior of any apartment includes hangers, curtains, lamps, railings and so on. The stainless steel bars are demanded for the manufacture of furniture fittings, utensils and appliances. The elements of decoration, caps for wheels, rims and small parts are made from these bars in the machine-building industry. The advantages of stainless steel allow using the round bars in the food and chemical industries. They are perfect for stamping metal products and tools. It is impossible to overestimate the place of this kind of rolled steel in the national economy.